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Why your skin needs OXYGEN


P. Acne bacteria cannot multiply nor thrive in a well oxygenated skin. Oxygen is a must for acne healing.


Rosacea is the lack of water in the skin. Oxygen restores this function & heals rosacea longterm.

Oily Skin

The skin produces MORE oil when suffocated by residue from products which also dries out the water in the skin.


Lifelong use of high toxin & chemical skincare & makeup will cause premature skin aging without oxygen.

Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask 2oz

Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask 2oz


1 Bottle = 20+ Oxygen Facials

CAVIPLLA Caviar + Oxygen Serum Treatment

CAVIPLLA Caviar + Oxygen Serum Treatment


1 Step Serum + Moisturizer

bottle lasts 5-6 months with daily use


I admit that I sleep in my makeup more than i should. Using the oxygen is like a facial that makes my skin look fresh & clean

Angel L, Las Vegas

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