To exfoliate or

to exfoliate

That is the question?

Being on lockdown indoors for over a month or two for most of us, we began to experience some changes in our skin; mostly DRYNESS! Many of you wanted to exfoliate away that dryness, but the skin actually needed WATER! Also, during our lockdown we had some ever changing weather & temperatures and so we were running our heat, AC, & fireplaces within that short period of time. Those elements will begin to suck the water out of our skin & body. Also we accumulated more dust in our homes due to our own skin cells piling up because we were home more than we usually are. I have ONE product that I would highly recommend for ALL of our skins, and that is OXYGEN! 

  • Restore water loss in your skin;Lack of water increases oil causing clogged pores & greasy skin surface

  • Helps toxins be released; reducing puffiness & inflammation

  • Rejuvenates & refreshes the skin

  • Helps other products penetrate deeper

  • Revives dry & dehydrated skin


Bubbly & Effervescent

Oxygen Facial Mask 2oz


CAVIPLLA Caviar + Oxygen Serum Treatment