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acne, sensitive skin, rosacea

No peels were used!! Treatments + vitami

leave on serum

use twice daily after cleansing & before moisturizer

''The redness was gone, but  my skin was also less oily" Taylor M, Missouri

Vitamin K +

Poly-hydro Technology


results in just 1 bottle

Why our Vitamin K + poly-hydro?

Prevent harsh side effects from acne skincare & medications:

  • severe facial redness

  • skin discomfort & pain

  • water loss from skin

  • capillaries

  • dark under eye circles

Young Model

apply just

2-3 pumps 


no new clients.png

lasts 2-3 months with daily use


decrease in facial redness in just 1 bottle

Before & After Redness correction. Our V

30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy? Let us know & we will gladly make it right.


Our special botanical ingredients +

our polyhydro Vitamin K


Heals skin

Decrease Redness

Strengthens skin

Prevents & restores skin water loss

Reduces under eye dark circles 

Minimizes broken capillaries 

Prevents rosacea from worsening

Reduces rosacea redness longterm

lasting clear skin is our expertise

since 2009

A few of our client/customer results

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