Dual Head Microcurrent

Dual Head Microcurrent


Ditch the Facial Brushes! Microcurrent effectively deep cleanses, heals, and SLOWS down the aging process. Notice results INSTANTLY! This dual head Microcurrent device provides a SQUEAKY clean cleansing, followed by penetrating products deep into the skin for maximum product results. 

Anti-aging head will:

  • Lift & plump your cheeks
  • Smooth dark circles & puffiness instantly
  • Lift tired eyes and raise eyebrows
  • Contour, tighten & tone your neck
  • Minimize crows feet and lip lines (lines & wrinkles)


  • How to Use

    Safe for daily use at 10 minute sessions.  

    1. apply cleanser onto damp skin, use round top head of the device
    2. Press the mode to cleansing mode & move device along skin in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.
    3. Rinse. Apply Vital Hydrant Gel Toner (optional)
    4. Apply serums and use the double roller with the EMS setting, and begin your anti-acne or anti-aging motions included in the instructions. Live video use demos will be on Instagram & Facebook often
  • Who is this for?

    Safe for all skins except:

    • persons with heart issues or pacemaker
    • pregnant customers
    • vertigo, epilespsy & other neurological disorders
    • severe cystic acne
    • severe sensitive skin
  • Our Guarantee

    1 year warranty - replacement

    30 Day Money Back Satisfaction 

  • What is Different about this Microcurrent Device?

    Regina Honey has engineered this device with the same technology as her customized professional device used successfully in her clinic for over 6 years. You will get MORE lifting and tightening than others on the market. You can FEEL the current working unlike other devices.

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