Acne Microcurrent + 5 Color LED


Microcurrent + LED is a BETTER, safer, and much more effective option than using facial brushes that only cause the skin more damage & spreads the acne bacteria.

This is professionally designed with PRO technology and PRO strength as in a Acne Microcurrent spa or clinic facial.

Notice acne reduction very quickly and an overall improved skin health & appearance. Reduce or prevent acne scars

  • Is this Safe?

    Yes! Microcurrent & LED is safe for daily use. Our device timer is auto set to 10 minutes, but you can do a quick 5 minute treatment and still see results.

    Do NOT:

    • use in the shower or bath tub
    • use while pregnant
    • use with heart issues or pacemaker
    • use with any neurological severe disorders
    • use on severe cystic all over acne (LED can be used)
  • Our Guarantee

    • 1 year product warranty-replacement - due to any technical damage and not due to physical damages
    • 30 Day Return or Exchange
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