Acne Kit + 10 Minute Peel+ Microcurrent/LED Device

Acne Kit + 10 Minute Peel+ Microcurrent/LED Device


Get the SAME results from a professional acne treatment, in the comfort of your home!

This kit includes our high tech LED therapy + Microcurrent device.

The device 

  • deep cleanses the skin
  • more gentle, safe & effective than facial brushes
  • heals acne breakouts
  • lightens scars & blemishes
  • tightens, lifts & brightens the skin INSTANTLY

also includes a 4-5 month supply of your daily healing & oxygenating acne skincare.

The 10 Minute peel is to be used 1-2x's per month

or can be used once weekly as a leave on serum with a pea size amount

  • How to Use


    1. Cleanse with Chamomile cleanser.
    2. Follow with Vital Hydrant toner on cotton pad and tone your skin all over
    3. Apply Vitamin K serum
    4. Apply Restorative Moisturizer (pea size is plenty)

    Twice Weekly-

    1. Use the cleaning mode on your device with your cleanser for a squeaky cleanse
    2. Use other modes such as Acne, Lift, or Lead. Follow instructions in pamphlet included


    1. After cleansing, allow skin to dry completely.
    2. On clean cotton, apply 3-4 pumps of AHA peel and apply all over including neck but avoiding the eye area.
    3. Wait 2 minutes and apply 2 more pumps. Fan the skin as needed. 
    4. Remove thoroughly after 10 minutes with cool water. Rinse skin multiple times
    5. Apply Vitamin K serum and Restorative Moisturizer
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