"My skincare routine FINALLY makes sense!"

Clear & ageless skin requires these 2 vital actions!

Healing + Oxygen!

Most acne & anti-aging skincare forget to include healing & oxygenating ingredients.

   Our products are perfect for:

  • Accutane, Differin, Curology, acne medications users

  • Dry, red, irritated acne 

  • Excessive oily skins

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Blemishes & dark spots

  • Congested skin that need to breathe

  • Makeup enthusiasts

Advanced Acne & Aging Treatment
Advanced Acne & Aging Treatment
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Formulated by dermatologist
Formulated by dermatologist
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Our customized private label pH balanced + oxygen skincare
Our customized private label pH balanced + oxygen skincare
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All of our skincare products are made in the U.S.A, cruelty free, &formulated with natural ingredients 

Our acne healing skincare
The Luxe Haven Story

        Hi,I am Regina Honey, Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist.


Having helped over 1k clients achieve lasting clear & ageless skin, I have created this "marketplace" to make the search for the RIGHT acne & anti- aging skincare SUPER simple. After years of using many skincare brands & products in my private clinic to treat acne & correct or prevent aging, I realized that many of these lines were all using the same ingredients that was focused on FAST & QUICK treatment, but not healing nor providing the skin with oxygen. Clear & ageless skin requires these 2 actions, and they should take place during all phases of your skin routine; actively treating a skin issue and prevention. I have cherry picked products from dermatologically approved, professional & high quality skincare lines that I have personally used in my clinic(in which Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics has a high client Satisfactory rating since 2014), and I am giving you access to the SAME products that I have used with my clients who have received CONSISTENT& LASTING results.

Our Products




  • Top dermatologically approved skincare brands

  • Products selected by Licensed Esthetician & Acne + Aging Experts

  • ALL products selected are formulated with healing & or oxygenating ingredients

  • Products that have helped over 1k of our in clinic clients achieve lasting clear & healthy skin results with these selected products

  • Skincare that minimizes or eliminates side effects of acne medications- Accutane, Differin, Curology, & more

  • High quality & high performing skincare (delivery system to be gentle YET effective)

  • Samples sizes available in most products

  • Easier to shop site without having to shop through hundreds or thousands of products

  • Affordable & long lasting products - average product lasts 3-4 months

  • 2 Monthly Skincare Subscriptions

No Brainer Shopping

Where to start?

Since we know that many of you are here in needing of calming & healing your skin, we recommend that you start with our CLEANSERS. All of our cleansers are healing. We also sell an oxygen cleanser which is perfect for active acne since the p.acne bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment.


Click to get more detailed info on each cleanser option to make sure you select the appropriate cleanser.

NEED TREATMENT? This means that you need a leave on serum with higher penetrating active ingredients such as Retinol, Glycolic, Benzoyl Peroxide, & other peeling acids.


How to know if you need a treatment? You are currently experiencing active acne, visible lines & wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, & severe redness. We highly recommend using our healing & or oxygenating products alongside use of treatments to prevent common side effects with daily use of treatments alone.

Need OXYGEN? Most all skins NEED oxygen as much as we need it to live. Oxygen is known to be vital to having healthy, youthful & clear skin. We have a few options for oxygen. 

Leave on Oxygen doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide making it safe to wear all day. 

Our rinse off Oxygen mask & cleansers provide a nice bubbly oxygenated result that allow congested skins to breathe, depuffs skin, & awakens the skin to a noticeably healthier appearance.

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This Month's Special

COVID-19 Our New temporary normal

It's been a month or more for most of us, of being stuck indoors, and with the changing weather we have had the heat, fireplace, AC, and fans going every few days. I don't know about you, but my skin was becoming SOOO dry, dull, & breaking out from the stress of it all. Our clients & customers began calling & emailing us for skincare recommendations, and so we have created this Limited Edition Skin Survival Kit that addresses the dry, dehydrated skin, dullness, & breakouts. Just $72 while supplies last

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Did you know?

Magnets & Mediterranean mud instantly eases stress. This combination helps improve sleep & restores energy. Our hydro-magnetic mask is purifying & deeply moisturizing & hydrating .




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