Facial Brushes + Acne 

Case Shock

Using facial brushes

on acne!

Did you know that acne is skin that is in trauma? Acne is a wound! 

Now here's why the LAST thing you should use on inflammed & wounded skin is something to rough up your skin.......

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Imagine falling and getting a nasty open & bleeding cut, deep gash, & a painful scrape....
Most of us run to our medicine cabinet to grab something healing, soothing & something to prevent an infection to apply on that "wound" 
So, why do we treat our acne with so much aggressiveness; using the harshest products & devices? 
Here's why???
We look at having acne & breakouts as a hygiene problem and we don't want others to think we're not bathing or practicing good hygiene so we go into cleansing overdrive!
Acne always has active inflammation and bacteria present on & under the skin.
                               >Inflammation causes painful pimples aka cysts
                               >Bacteria can reproduce rapidly with improper skin care
So now let me walk you through a mental picture of what's happening when you're using those highly marketed cleansing facial brushes....-------->
Inflammation & swelling persists with a lot of manipulation, so when you're using a vibrating bristle facial brush you're causing a LOT of irritation to the already swollen area and the skin will respond by creating more fluid in an effort to protect itself from a bacterial infection.
Now! You're taking that brush and collecting all of the  bacteria and spreading it evenly around the entire face!
Next... we don't properly sanitize or sterilize our facial brush after using it!
So, when you pick that facial brush back up to use it again, you just redeposited that bacteria and that bacteria has also had time to reproduce MORE bacteria to join the party!
& Lastly, those new acne scars  you now have, are the result of using that brush and the bristles (this includes ALL brands & types of those brushes) bursting your bacteria filled pimples and left untreated, begins forming scar tissue or pox ice pick scars.
As an Acne & Skin Revision specialist for over 17 years, I have helped my clients achieve lasting clear & healthy skin by educating them on these eye opening skin topics, providing in clinic treatments and offering my professional skincare & devices to use at home. Check out all of my amazing client results for Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics (my clinic) on Instagram @luxehaven Or Facebook.

Quick recap

  • Acne starts to spread.

  • Acne scars from using aggressive bristles on fragile & impaired acne skin.

  • Worsened acne from reusing dirty brushes daily.

  • Worsened acne from adding more INFLAMMATION by using deep pressure on wounded skin. 

  • Dark spots & blemishes called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (meaning that the skin was constantly inflamed)


those nasty, harsh, acne stimulating FACIAL BRUSHES!

     What you should use     


Ultimate Skin Scrubber

designed & engineered by LUXE HAVEN PERFECT SKN33

Power washer for pores

More gentle, yet EFFECTIVE than facial brushes!

Used in professional spas to Extract congestion, blackheads & whiteheads

18K Gold spatula prevents bacteria from multiplying after use

Mists skin to soften while deep cleansing the skin with ultrasonic wave vibrations

Instantly brightens & smooths the skins tone & texture

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I'm obsessed with seeing how easily my blackheads jump out onto the scrubber and I'm no longer left swollen & red from squeezing scars into my nose."

How to Use

Step 1

Fill device with warm water before using.

step 2

Turn device ON & Mist skin allover.

step 3

Apply cleanser to skin & Turn device mode on cleanse with vibration and use spatula in upward and outward motions until skin is throughly cleansed.

step 4

Use toner or astringent to prevent spread of bacteria & balance skins PH

REMOVE blackheads

Press clean mode again to ultra mode, gently lay & press spatula against nose or blackhead and allow the vibration to push the impaction up & out onto the scrubber plate 

Infuse Serums

Apply serum onto clean toned skin. Press Nutrition mode on device. Lay spatula flat against the skin and the vibration will deeply penetrate your serums for a daily professional facial result.


1 Year Warranty

Massage Table
Performing my treatment facial and brow

"Skin Shero" & Owner, Regina Honey, LE, BSN

Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics 

Ladue, Missouri

As a Licensed Esthetician & Acne Skin Revision Specialist for 17 years, I have helped over 1k of my clients & thousands of customers near and far achieve lasting, healthy & clear skin.  


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POWer wash 


pores daily

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