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of you are treating your dark spots incorrectly. 

You're in the RIGHT place to treat your ethnic skin! 

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But 1st....

Let me share with you what causes dark spots, how to avoid further damage to your skin & what you need to know about YOUR ethnic skin.

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Dark spots in ethnic skins are caused by Post Inflammatory trauma which leaves behind PIH (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) aka dark spots.

Most of us focus on treating the darks spots first & this is where we go wrong...

Let's take a closer look at that word PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

which means the skin has/had inflammation & a wound is present. 

Because we want to quickly get rid of those ugly dark spots, we buy all of the products that promise to do just that! & most of those products can get rid of dark spots, BUT you must use them at the right time(this is the KEY)




but 83% of you are causing more skin problems because you're not treating the dark spots at the right time.

Here's some of the common things we use to treat dark spots: ACIDS

  • Glycolic acid

  • Salicylic acid 

  •  Mandelic acid 

  • Vitamin C acid

  • Retinol acid


                       But you MUST 1st remember that PIH is a wound!

                                      The skin is in a state of trauma...

Do you normally run to grab acid to treat wounds from a cut, gash, scrape, burn?? 

NO!.... you usually start healing that wound before you do anything else right?

SIGNS that you've improperly treated your dark spots

  • dry patches + oily skin

  • uneven skin tone

  • increased discoloration 

  • sensitive skin

  • increased breakouts & bumps

    Here's what we recommend     

This is our REAL client. She was treating her dark spots for years and her skin became increasingly worse overtime.

Licensed Esthetician, Owner & "Skin Whisperer" Regina Honey has helped over 1k clients achieve lasting clear and healthy skin.

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Dark Spot Healing Kit

Dark Spot Healing Kit


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What's in the Kit

How to Use the Kit


Daily Cleanser : use twice daily with cool lukewarm water


Exfoliate & brighten 2-3 times weekly


Daily hydrator for am or pm


Prevent more dark spots by using this SPF daily if outdoors for any period of time

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-How long does the kit last? 3-4 months

-Is this safe for pregnant  customers? YES

-Is this only for african american skin? No, we have helped over 1k clients in our clinic from every ethnicity using the same but customized formulations.

-Do you offer a guarantee? YES, we want your skin to get what it deserves. If we fail, we offer a 30 Day money back.


healing + Oxygen

The 2 things that MUST be done before you begin to treat your dark spots & blemishes is to FIRST---> Heal your skin while also OXYGENATING your skin.

Regina Honey, Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist

"As the owner of my private skin clinic, Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics, I have helped over 1k of my clients & customers achieve lasting healthy & clear skin."

healing + Oxygen kit

Our Customer Before & After 2 weeks results

Why heal & Oxygenate before you treat?

to strengthen the skin & prepare it for the acids needed to treat dark spots, acne & blemishes

Prevent excessive dryness & skin discomfort (treatment serums have more active ingredients which can cause skin sensitivity if used on skin with trauma)

Prevent more dark spots, scars, and even the beginning signs of aging 

To get BETTER & lasting results once you begin treating dark spots, scars, acne

Hello you all....this is me...I'm always in motion teaching about skin! LOL.

Skin is DEFINITELY my passion. I've been in the skin industry as a professionally licensed Esthetician, Acne & Skin Revision Specialist for over 17 years. 

I've had my own skin clinic since 2014 and I broke FREE of all of the skin protocols and products that simply Do NOT work for most ethnic skins!

I am here to stay and continue changing my customers lives by delivering on my commitment of lasting clear & healthy skin PERIOD!.

Why buy products from people who are just serial businessmen who know how to target us for a profit? Or why buy skincare from people who managed to whip up something in the kitchen that works for THEIR skin but they don't have an understanding about all skin? Same with DIY Youtube....why why why? Well, I know why...becasue you hadn't discovered ME!. Queen Bee of SKIN! 

XOXOXOX, Regina Honey, Owner of Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics 

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