About Treating Dark Spots



of you are treating your dark spots incorrectly. 


healing + Oxygen

The 2 things that MUST be done before you begin to treat your dark spots & blemishes is to FIRST---> Heal your skin while also OXYGENATING your skin.

Regina Honey, Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist

"As the owner of my private skin clinic, Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics, I have helped over 1k of my clients & customers achieve lasting healthy & clear skin."

healing + Oxygen kit

Our Customer Before & After 2 weeks results

Why heal & Oxygenate before you treat?

to strengthen the skin & prepare it for the acids needed to treat dark spots, acne & blemishes

Prevent excessive dryness & skin discomfort (treatment serums have more active ingredients which can cause skin sensitivity if used on skin with trauma)

Prevent more dark spots, scars, and even the beginning signs of aging 

To get BETTER & lasting results once you begin treating dark spots, scars, acne

Dark Spot Healing Kit



Daily Cleanser : use twice daily with cool lukewarm water


Exfoliate & brighten 2-3 times weekly


Daily hydrator for am or pm


Prevent more dark spots by using this SPF daily if outdoors for any period of time