the beauty device that saves Time & Money!

Micorucrrent uses a low level electrical body mimicking current to communicate with the muscles & cells of the skin to perform LIFTING, TIGHTENING, TONING, STRENGTHENING, BRIGHTENING, & SKIN PROTECTION. 

Use daily or weekly 

Reduce lines & wrinkles, acne & scarring


At what age should I start Anti-aging?

If you have had teen acne, your anti-aging will begin alongside your acne treatments or as soon as possible. Acne causes premature aging in the skin due to the acne bacteria weakening collagen & elastin in the skin.

If you're a sun lover, anti-aging should begin NOW!

If you notice things that you want to improve on the skin, start NOW!

If you see the genetics in your family and want to avoid some things that your relatives have, start NOW!

If you want to get that 50 year old Jennifer Lopez JLo skin, start NOW! She is free of facelifts & extreme injectables. She uses Microcurrent daily.

Texture correction after just ONE ☝️ Adv

Safe for Most

Microcurrent is Not suitable for 

pregnant, severe diabetes, migraines, vertigo, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, metal implants in the face, frequent headaches, very sensitive skin, neurological disorders, kids

We make NO claims to being a cure or permanent treatment option. For cosmetic purposes only