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About Us

Founder, Licensed Esthetician
Regina Honey Hilton

Get professional advice, recommendations & products from a highly trusted 17 year licensed esthetician.

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Customer Relations
Marissa Long

We pride ourselves on customer service with high satisfaction. You can be assured that all customer correspondences will be responded to.

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Product Sourcing/ R&D
Kelly Roths

Our products will always remain cruelty, toxins and chemical free. We will source & research the best products to offer you often.

How it all Began

17 year Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist, Regina Honey has treated over 1k acne clients and performed hundreds of aging skin correction treatments in her private clinic since 2014. Her professional skin career began in luxury retailers Bloomingdale's & Neiman Marcus working with high end luxury skincare brands & cosmetics.


Regina has seemingly "cracked the code" to achieving clear, healthy & ageless skin. Her approach is consistent & the results are lasting. Healing & oxygenating the skin has proven to be the two most vital steps in treating skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, & even age prevention & correction.


When treating clients at her private clinic, Regina Honey always customizes a home care routine of skincare products for her clients that will not only work alongside the client's in clinic 'facial"treatments, but are also highly effective a standalone treatment option. Having worked with many professional skincare brands over the years, Regina Honey found it increasingly difficult to offer a client a full regimen with the same brand. So, the MYTH was quickly dispelled that your skincare products must be of ONE brand in order to properly & effectively work, when Regina began to focus on ingredients ONLY! & those ingredients needed to do 2 things; HEAL & OXYGENATE the skin.


Here at Luxe Haven, you will get straight to the RIGHT skincare products from dermatologically approved professional skincare brands, that have been "cherry picked" by a SKIN EXPERT.  We don't carry the entire line of products from our brands that we offer unless we KNOW that they deliver the results that customers want; CLEAR, HEALED, HEALTHY, YOUTHFUL skin.

Our Offer

Our products are all active, meaning that they have a delivery system to penetrate the skin & invite nutrients, water, & treatments in a TIME RELEASED technology (released as needed to avoid harsh side effects from certain acne ingredients) gently YET effectively. The constant customer feedback with our products is how long they last. We offer you high quality, high performing, and affordable healing & oxygenating skincare & safe skincare devices with advanced technology that we think you will be pleased with TIME & TIME again. 

Thank you for stopping by. If you get lost or don't understand something about a product or want to know if its right for your skin, we WELCOME you to send a chat or email at any time. We would love to help you get the right skincare for your skin needs. 

 Our skincare products are also Paraben Free & Ph Balanced.

  • Oxygenating - p.acne bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated skin.

  • Poly Hydro technology KEEPS water in the skin

  • Perfect skincare for Accutane & other acne medication patients to prevent the harsh side effects of those treatments. 

  • Anti-aging & Age correction with high performing age banishing ACTIVE ingredients 

  • Affordable YET professional quality

  • LOVED by over 800 of our in clinic clients 

  • Advanced technology with our skincare devices that heal & slow down aging


"Skincare that FINALLY makes sense!"

Regina Honey Hilton

No peels were used!! Treatments + vitami
Progress!! We went with a oral vitamin r
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